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Why Perfume Oils Are Becoming Popular Than Other Types Of Perfumes  

Perfume oils were unpopular in the past, but that trend is quickly changing. The other types of perfumes, such as the spray perfumes have their fans, but their oil-based counterparts are now gaining popularity because of the following reasons –

They offer better value for money:

Most of the oil fragrances in the market are packed and sold as rollerballs, and the can be directly applied on the exact point in the skin such as armpits, wrists, behind ears, inside the elbow, at the back of the neck, etc. This means you can apply the correct amount. Alcohol-based perfumes on the other and are packed in pressurized cans or bottles where they are applied through the spray. When perfumed is applied through spray, a lot of it goes to waste in the air. Interesting to note is that you can get high-quality oil-based perfume such as the musk, sandalwood or patchouli perfume oil for less than ten dollars. Some of the alcohol-based perfumes are very expensive, and the cheap options may not have the nice smell.





 They are not as overpowering as alcohol-based perfumes:

While oil-based fragrances have the higher concentration of extracts and elements, and often have the stronger smell than alcohol based perfumes, the former do not leave behind trail or silage the way the latter does. The alcohol-based perfumes may be left strong scent in the office or public transport system. This trail can trigger allergic reactions in those who allergic to smell of perfumes.

If you are sensitive to the overbearing fragrance of alcohol-based perfumes and do not want to leave behind a trail of scent, you need to go for the oil based perfume. The oil-based perfumes, as earlier stated, stay close to the skin and due to the warmth of the body pulse joints, they tend to radiate outward.

Their effect lasts longer:

The extracts and elements in the oil fragrances are in higher concentrations than in the alcohol based perfumes and Eau du toilettes. The alcohol-based perfumes in most cases contain just a small amount of the true fragrance, and fillers such as alcohol are used to dilute it further. The oils also tend to ‘stick’ better to the skin than alcohol. This means the oil-based perfume will ‘hang on’ your skin when you apply it directly over there. This is unlike alcohol-based perfumes which should instead be applied to the clothes if their effect is to last longer. The application of these perfumes on clothing may sometimes cause them to stain.

They are safer for the skin:

Alcohol and indeed, all the other dehydrating chemicals, when applied to the skin will cause it to dry, and that may irritate. This effect is worse in those who have dry skin since the alcohol-based perfumes tend to dry and dissipate the skin. The oil-based perfumes have oils which instead moisturize the skin, and this makes their effect last longer. In fact, oil-based perfumes can be used on all types of skin.