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Place of Interest in Semarang City

Having a vacation can be the best solution to relieve your body and mind from continuous stress you receive in your workplace. Semarang City, in Central Java, Indonesia can be a great place to visit. It has various interesting places to visit and we will give some suggestions about it on the following paragraph below.

The following list describes some place of interest in Semarang to spend your holiday in the city.

  • Lawang Sewu: this place literally means as Thousands Doors in Javanese. It got its name due to the architecture and design of the building which include numerous windows and doors with similar design. This building was initially constructed to be the headquarters of Dutch East Indies Railway Company. There are 4 buildings within the complex and the key building has identical twin towers. Lawang Sewu is also well-known to be haunted due to the fact that it used to be a prison and execution place during Japanese reign. However, the government has attempted to refresh the image by renovating the building in 2011.
  • Kota Lama: literally translated as Old City, this place refers to an area in Semarang that used to be a famous trade center during 19-20th century. This area used to have 5 lookout towers and a fort built by the Dutch to supervise the surrounding. However, this construction was demolished already. The only remain is Jembatan Mberok that served as the entrance of the already-demolished fort. Most of the building in this area has the classic European architecture. There are approximately fifty buildings with this kind of style within the area. A great place for photography.
  • Gedong Songo Temple: this temple can be considered as one among the oldest Hindu temple in Java, together with Dieng Plateau. Constructed by Mataram Kingdom by using rocks from volcano eruption in 8-9th century, this temple is even older the infamous Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta. It has similar architecture with Dieng Plateau, which shows that both constructions were built under the same era. These days, this temple is no longer used for worshipping purpose anymore. It mainly serves as one of the main tourist attraction within Semarang. Visitors can learn the culture and history of Semarang by visiting this temple.
  • Church Blenduk: this church has an official name of Immanuel Protestant Church of Western Indonesia despite being known as Church Blenduk. Blenduk literally means dome, and the church was named that way due to the big, copper dome at the top of the building. It was first built in 1753 and initially has the Joglo-esque shape instead of dome shape. During a renovation conducted in 1894, it was reconstructed by adding a dome and 2 towers to replace the previous design. This church was awarded as the Best Maintained Old Place for Worship in 2009 by The Architect’s Society of Indonesia.

Those are some of the best tourist destinations in Semarang that you can visit during your holiday. Do not forget to capture pictures and make unforgettable memory in the places mentioned above.


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